Music and Film Law

Industry knowledge is decisive for providing legal advice to the parties involved in the music and film business.

My areas of expertise include drafting and negotiating of contracts as well as litigation:

  • Contracts between composers / songwriters, artists, labels, managers and booking agencies regarding artist engagements, track purchase agreements, management, merchandising, labels, licenses, sponsoring, online and offline distribution, as well as the contractual relationship between band members
  • Contracts between directors, producers, script writers, actors, composers, distribution agencies as well as legal advice regarding funding - from financing of the film to production and commercial exploitation
  • Legal advice on exploitation of copyright works and on collecting societies
  • Legal advice on trade marks and media related issues

The digital world has changed the use of copyrighted works fundamentally. Intensive discussions center on the fair compensation of the authors of copyrighted works. In 2012, the copyright working party AGUR12 was established, headed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, with the goal to find ways to improve the exploitation of copyright and neighbouring rights. For more information please click here.

I advise Verein Musikschaffende Schweiz, established 2012, on legal matters. For more information please click here.